Out of Context Messages; Or, Subtlety in All Caps

Actual text messages I have sent in 2015, presented without comment or context: “Of course I’m getting a shake!” “THAT’S BECAUSE IT WASN’T A THING. IT’S MADE UP.” “I can be subtle!” “Our friendship has given you a complex.” “It’s like you don’t know me at all.” “I SHOULD WEAR MY SCRUBS.” “Yep. Thanks, Taiwan.” … Continue reading

A Royal Baby by any other name would be as cute

It’s my favorite time again–the time when my Google Alerts are carefully calculated to encompass every possible version of “royal baby great britain”, “prince george new baby” and “omigosh ROYAL BABIES”. You guys, I am so excited about Prince George’s new sister–I mean, sibling. But I really hope it’s a girl. The corgis say have … Continue reading

Dear Coffee: I love you.

When I started college, my mother’s biggest concern was that I would start drinking coffee. I was raised in a tea household–I don’t recall a day going by growing up when my dad didn’t make a cup of tea. If the coffee pot was out, I assumed we were expecting guests (and I still do.) … Continue reading