“Procrastination isn’t the problem, it’s the solution. So procrastinate now, don’t put it off.” –Ellen DeGeneres

Eloise says that getting bored is not allowed. But I don’t feel like listening. So instead, because I’m in a list sort of mood, I’m going to share with you yet another list: Underrated and Oft-Forgotten Movies

  1. War of the Buttons-I just remember seeing this movie when I was about ten and being struck by how funny and cute it is. It’s like an Irish version of “The Sandlot”. No one you’ve ever heard of is in it, but it’s awesome. Hmm…now I really want to watch it. Anybody know where I can find a copy? Pretty please?
  2. Avalon-Three generations of an immigrant family in Baltimore. So sweet and sad, with a young Elijah Wood who learns not to play with matches. It was one of those movies that I never wanted to end. I wanted the characters to just continue playing out their lives for me.
  3. Waking Ned Devine-Another Irish film. Small town finds out that Ned has won the lottery and everyone wants a share. Naked old men on motorcycles, schizophrenia, paternity tests, pigs, fruity soaps and jettisoned phone booths.
  4. Empire of the Sun-Not many people have ever seen or heard of this movie, yet it was directed by Steven Spielberg. A young English boy (Christian Bale) living in Japan becomes separated from his parents and lives by his wits for the duration of the war, helped by John Malkovich. Always fun. Plus, there’s singing. In Gaelic.
  5. Sweet Land-Everyone saw “Once”. Everyone forgot to see “Sweet Land”. Although much of the Norwegian and German is actually gibberish, it is one of the loveliest films. “Ducks dream”.
  6. Wait Until Dark-Shivers down my spine just thinking about this movie. Audrey Hepburn is blind and Alan Alda is messing with her mind. The last fifteen minutes are the best. Best viewed in the dark, but definitely not alone.
  7. Millions-Yes, there’s something about nine year old British boys.  England is about to switch to the euro, and when saint-obsessed Damian  (yep, the same as in “The Omen”, but these Damians are exact opposites) finds a bag of money, all in pounds, he has nothing to do but spend it.
  8. The Band Wagon-So everybody who knows about Fred Astaire (And no, Junie B., Freddy does not scare in this particular movie) knows about “Silk Stockings”, because of Cyd Charisse. But this movie is so much better. “Dancing in the Dark”? You betcha. Faust as a musical? “The Band Wagon” has it. Three adults dressed up like triplets? Yep.
  9. The Englishman Who Went up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain-The fourth British-ish movie on this list, but not many people remember it. Surveyor Hugh Grant measures an unpronounceable Welsh village’s mountain and determines that it is actually a hill. So the townspeople decide to fix it. Hilarity ensues.
  10. The Importance of Being Earnest-I love the play, and the movie only enhances the experience. Everyone is perfect, especially Rupert Everett and Judi Dench. I’ll never think about handbags in the same way ever again.

“Where did all the anvils go?” -Lorelai Gilmore


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