“Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” –Truvy, “Steel Magnolias

Wow. What a week. It was possibly one of the longest weeks I’ve had since I’ve been at school. It was long for no reason at all. All the stress and worrying was literally for nothing because all the things that were supposed to be due were pushed back. I have got to learn to stop stressing so much.

But in other news, I go home tomorrow. HOME. I am so excited. I haven’t been home in four months and five days. And yes, I’m keeping count. This is the longest I’ve ever been out of Derby City, the longest I’ve gone without sleeping in my own bed, the longest stretch of time I haven’t driven on Bardstown Road, the longest I’ve gone without seeing the sibling-creature, or Strawberry Shortcake or Sybil or Trillby or anyone in my neighborhood. And I miss home so much. I’m not in a constant funk of homesickness, but every so often, I miss big head burritos or gorilla movies or driving past my high school. Especially when Liz and Jude talk about their mutual hometown. I really don’t have anyone to reminisce with, and it makes me semi-sad. For example, when I say Bardstown Road around my school friends, they don’t immediately get funky pictures in their heads of the best Italian ice shop or corner coffee shops across from a Jiffy Lube and next door to really great black raspberry chip ice cream. They don’t know about one of my favorite pink vintage stores or the random Bob Marley tribute store or the farmer’s market in the Presbyterian church’s parking lot. They don’t understand what it means to say I’m going Bardstown Roading and they don’t miss seeing Highland Cycle on the way to walking to piano lessons because they don’t know that Highland Cycle isn’t there to see anymore. I guess the homesickness has just sort of built up over the past four months. Until I wrote all that, I didn’t know how much I’d really missed seeing all that. It’s going to be so wonderful to see it all again. I truly can’t wait. I want to get bread after mass on Thursday and smuggle out six loaves instead of just one. I want to make microwaveable vegetable lasagna and eat it with my feet on the heater in the cold part of the kitchen. I want to watch a movie in the big gray chair wrapped up in my favorite purple fleece blanket. I want to wake up to a rainbow above my head and a tree with scary faces in the branches.

Geez. There I go again. It’s been a long week, like I said. Lots of anticipation and lots of things going on. It’s just so nice to think that in 48 hours I will be home, surrounded by all the things I love. That’s just the best feeling right now. I have absolutely no motivation to do anything that has nothing to do with going home. All I want to do is pack and get going. I’d skip classes, but I’ve already taken my one class skip for the semester. I used it as an avoidance tactic, and while it sort of worked, I wish I could use it now. But at the end of the semester, everything is so crazy, I can’t afford to miss. Except maybe public speaking. I gave my last speech today, so I’m home free. I gave it on yoga, and I’m really mad at myself, because I didn’t remember to talk about Namaste. One of the most important things, one of my favorite parts of the practice, and I forget. Argh. Anyway, it’s over now, so all I have to do is go to class, sit in the back and read and I’ll pick up a bright and shiny A. This part of college is fun.

Speaking of college, in my spare time, I’ve been watching “Gilmore Girls”. In Season 4, Rory goes to college and it reminded me so much of me going to college. Lorelai moved Rory in and went out and bought her a bunch of stuff to make her room pretty and groovy and cozy. And then when Rory got lonely, Lorelai stayed on her floor for the first night. It just reminded me so much of my mom moving me into college. It was just she and I, putting up posters and hanging Christmas lights and promising to stay on campus as long as I needed her. I think she even jokingly offered to sleep on my floor. I have just missed my mommy so much. And my daddy too. I miss hearing him tell me to live the moments now every day. And in two days, I’ll hear it for four. And then once exams are over in two weeks, I’ll be home for almost an entire month. How cool is that?!?!

Ah…after a hug from Sister Cartwheel, all is better now. The storm clouds have lifted, the floodwaters have receded, and I’m smiling again. And absolutely thrilled to be going home. Did you catch that part?

Keep Jude and myself in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow as we make the trek northward. Next post will be from my favorite place in the world.



Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday.
— Winnie the Pooh


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