How I Spent 47 Hours in Milwaukee: The Moving Edition

I went up to Milwaukee for two days to move into my apartment. This is what happened.



  • Listened to the same three CDs for the entire 6.5 hour drive
  • Picked up my keys from the building manager
  • Squealed in delight upon beholding my very empty apartment—IT’S ALL MINE!!!
  • Unpacked my dishes and seven shoes from my car…the only possessions I had that were not shoved in a UHaul driven by my mother
  • Waited almost two hours for my mother to arrive with the aforementioned UHaul and all my wordly possessions
  • Hung out with the moving guys, Andy and Joe while waiting for my mother to arrive
  • Watched Andy and Joe move my stuff into my third-floor, non-air conditioned apartment
  • Developed a Plan B when my couch wouldn’t fit through the tiny hallway in my building
  • Traded my old couch for a smaller version at Marcia’s Used Furniture
  • Made two trips to Bed Bath and Beyond in Brookfield
  • Ate stir fry and 5 Guys with my mother
  • Unpacked until I couldn’t see straight while watching “The Band Wagon”, “On The Town” and “Funny Face”
  • Built a bookshelf
  • Hung curtains
  • Spent $103.87 at a Goodwill furnishing my apartment with pots, picture frames, a swivel armchair and other sundries until I almost had to drag my mother out of the store
  • Found Ophelia Fedora’s housewarming gift
  • Decided that the worst thing about moving is having to figure out how to shave your legs in a new bathtub
  • Named my mother’s phone GPS Selma because of her soothing voice when giving us directions around the city (Selma also has an evil twin named Ursula)
  • Considered the prospect of actually buying a gray lop-eared dwarf bunny rabbit that I would name Indiana Jones James Bond to keep me company.


I thought about, but did not…

  • Go to the Wisconsin State Fair
  • Leave my mother in the Goodwill when it seemed she would never be able to say good-bye to all the great deals
  • Sleep in my bathtub when it seemed to be the coolest place in my apartment
  • Buy a bunny—YET.


I did not…

  • Get nearly as lost while driving around the city as I did before thanks to Selma
  • Eat Cheese
  • Drink Beer
  • Get a parking ticket
  • Receive any mail in my new mailbox…if you want to send Letters TO Hannah, let me know and I’ll give you my address! #shamelesspleaformail #don’tletmewasteawayunloveduphere #iwillloveyouforeveripromise

I return to Milwaukee permanently in 17 days. But first, I must head back to Louisville to go to the dentist, work at the museum for three more days, go to the Kentucky State Fair with my extended family, say good-bye for now to all my friends, and get used to this whole being a grown-up thing. Because as much as I love my apartment and Milwaukee, and Marquette, I’m not sure being a grown-up has stopped being WEIRD yet.


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