There’s a Bunny in My Bathroom

No, this isn’t the first book in my new children’s series, Animals in the House. (Future books include “There’s a Kangaroo in the Kitchen”, “Goats in the Garage”, and “The Buffalo in My Bedroom”. The books will be like “Clue” but with mysterious animals as guests. What do they want? Why are they here? What have they destroyed? OR KILLED?) Seriously, though, there really is a bunny in my bathroom. He’s my bunny. My parents brought him up from Kentucky yesterday so they could have an excuse to visit me, and I thought it time I introduced him to you.

Oh hi there.

This is Indiana Jones James Bond. He has a license to kill you…with his cuteness. He hates snakes, loves adventure and lettuce and enjoys sleeping underneath the bathtub.


He’s pretty awesome and adorable. Until I get my living room bunny-proofed with all of the chewable cords out of the way, I’ll probably spend my time reading for school on the bathroom floor so he’s not lonely.

Just training for the circus, you know. Bunny stuff.

I’ve always wanted a rabbit. My childhood bedroom had a Peter Rabbit them, and a lot of my favorite stuffed animals were bunnies. When my mom saw my apartment, she became convinced that I needed a bunny to keep me company, and I did not fight her. We found Indy at the State Fair, and he’s been in Kentucky with my family while I got used to Milwaukee. But now it’s just me and him, and OH THE FUN WE WILL HAVE!

Hi Horton. Can I eat your face from Hannah’s socks?

Now excuse me, I need to go read three hundred pages on the American Revolution from underneath my sink while Indy nibbles my toes.

*More gratuitous bunny pictures. And no, I will not apologize. In fact, YOU’RE WELCOME.*

Just chilling next to the bathtub. Being this cute is hard work.

Just surveying my kingdom. Your name may be on the lease, but I’m in charge now.

If I can just jump up to the windowsill and rappel down the side of the building, my enemies the squirrels will fear me and never try to steal my lettuce again.


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