My Brain is a Television Goldmine (with an assist from my sister)

A few nights ago, my sister Cricket and I were planning the hypothetical wedding of two mutual friends who just started dating. These friends have eclectic and nerdtastic tastes, and as we decided upon personalized Rubik’s Cubes as favors, and jousting as entertainment, the following conversation transpired:

Cricket: They need thrones.


Cricket: AHHHHHH

Hannah: ( I have never seen that show, so I just assume that people sit on thrones and play Monopoly. Have I guessed correctly?)

And then there was a wedding where everyone wore red!

Cricket: uhhhhhhhhh . . .


Hannah: And after Fall, Winter comes and everyone hibernates and plays more games and drinks hot cocoa and snuggles. Peter Dinklage does stand up comedy.

Cricket: I love your version of game of thrones. It’s like a children’s show.

Minus the things Dinklage would probably say in his stand up act

Hannah: And Khaleesi is very protective of his dragons. Or her dragons. What is a Khaleesi, anyway?

Cricket: THAT is spot on

Hannah: Because the dragons are used as teddy bears and Khaleesi can’t sleep without them.

(Did I get it right? Did I win the game? The game with the thrones? Does the winner get a tiara? Or can I have a dragon?)

Cricket: you’re the aunt of a dragon lady!

That is your reward

Hannah: But…but…tiara?

Cricket:  That’s when you win the GAME OF TIARAS, which is like a reality TV show with disney princesses

Hannah: Is my throne personalized? Should I write to HBO and tell them my ideas?

Cricket: Yes. Definitely

Hannah: Also–the real game of thrones is a giant game of musical chairs where all the music is by Queen and Prince and Kings of Leon and the theme song to Xena: Warrior Princess.

Cricket: And the judges are the Queen’s corgis.

Hannah: Dressed as dragons.

Cricket: YES. And now I want a corgi.

——-End Transcript——-

What I’m trying to prove here is that HBO should listen to us, as well as any other major networks out there looking for new pilots. Because we also have an idea about ex-CIA agents running a bakery. Also, we are available for wedding planning.

P.S. Cricket has started a delightful new food/cooking/deliciousness blog that can be found here. You should visit. It will inspire you to cook more often, or, if you’re like me, look up recipes for more interesting ways to make pasta.

P.P.S. The Freys have nothing on us.


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