In Defense of Cinderella

*I found this in my purse today. I think it was written in Fall 2011. I think this also means I need to clean out my purse more often.*

As a senior in college, it is startling how often Disney Princesses come up in conversation. Each of my friends voted in the Disney Academy Awards (Aurora and Rapunzel had a fight for Best Hair, Lumiere ran away with Best Sidekick) and each of us identifies with a different princess. To my surprise, most everyone wants to be Belle or Ariel, Jasmine is an outcast, and I’m the only one with very vocal support and love for Cinderella. Veronica “Curlicue” Jones dismissed her as a blonde bimbo who did nothing but whine and look pretty and went back to ranting about Jasmine’s sluttiness, and Liz Fudge praised Belle’s loyalty and perfect ponytail. Someone even called her boring.

I was shocked. Growing up, Cinderella was the quintessential Disney Princess. She had a fairy godmother, she whistled while she worked, she never complained about having to carry laundry on her head, and she believed in the beauty of her dreams. She was kind to animals and her horrible sisters, and she dressed mice in tiny clothes of her own making. Come on, that is just ADORABLE. Who would do that? No other Princess thought of that. Not Snow White, not Diana, not Tiana—not even today’s Princess du jour, Duchess Catherine. Her prince is CHARMING. What’s not to love about Cinderella?

Now, granted, I only owned three Disney Princess movies growing up—Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. But my best friend owned all the ones I was missing and we watched them repeatedly. And I get the appeal of all the others—except Ariel (it’s not her, it’s the mermaid thing). Belle is beautiful and smart and feisty, Snow White is kind to the outcasts, Jasmine took her life into her own hands. Even the most recent Princesses, Tiana and Rapunzel namely, have their charms, and if I were to pick a Princess I were most like, Rapunzel’s spunkiness is it. But Cinderella’s sweetness and the familiarity of her story pulls me in every time, and causes me to start humming and waltzing around the room. Which, yes, gets me some weird looks but HEY. If Cinderella taught me nothing else, she taught me to dream and believe that my dreams can come true. Also basic fashion design. And the mice taught me courage, perseverance and to be wary of cats. So, when it comes down to it, I’m a Cinderella girl. If you need me, I’ll be over here watching the six DVD boxed set my parents gave me for my sixteenth birthday. I’m hoping the commentary is by Jaq and Gus.


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